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First Ever Colourpop Haul!

I have been wishing and wishing to try some Colourpop goodies since I first started this blog three years ago! I just struggled with the idea of placing a large order and then getting crazy customs fees on top of that. Not to mention they only started shipping to the Uk earlier this year! So, I finally decided to bit the bullet and place an order. I decided to place a big order and have it shipped to my Disney World hotel during my holiday last month. My Disney World trip was a joint present for my university graduation and 24th birthday, so what was a little more splurge?

October Monthly Beauty Favourites

It's November!! Halloween has been and gone, and now it's full steam ahead to Christmas. I'm going on my annual Christmas shopping trip with my mum on Saturday! Pray for the souls of all us retail workers. I've already had a few soul destroying shifts with a six-foot Santa animatronic blaring out the Christmas jingles, and that was before Halloween!