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BareMinerals 'In the Spotlight'

The bareMinerals 'In the Spotlight' was one of those gifts that you really wanted to buy back at Christmas but something else caught your eye. Then your all sad because it was limited edition and you can't buy it anymore. I was very fortunate to find this in my local Tk Maxx; unlike some others I got that second chance to buy this even after it became no longer available. The original retail price was £49.00, but it was reduced down t0 £29.99!

e.l.f Baked Eyeshadow Palette in Texas

I have just found out that the distributors of the e.l.f makeup range in the United Kingdom are moving on and no longer buying e.l.f. This means that they are currently selling off their stock at up to 70% off. This puts a sad light on what is to be my first review of a disappointing product.

The packaging is thick and very sturdy, but a normal matte black. There is a medium sized mirror in the lid that is very handy for if you want to take this palette on the go. There is no brush, however, which is rather odd. Most palettes these days come with some type of brush, even if it's just one of the dual ended sponge tips. 

Tk Maxx Haul (when do I shop anywhere else?!)

I had such incredible luck at the weekend.
I usually like to visit my local Tk Maxx at least once a month, just to check up on any bargains and such. For the past month though, I had been resisting the urge. Well, on Friday the call became too strong and I had a small pop in (small in that I never ventured farther than the beauty area). What I saw there shocked me to the very core of my beauty blogging being.

March Cohorted Beauty Box

I unfortunately missed out on the success that was Cohorted's first beauty box last month, so I was super excited to see what was to be included in this months! I had super high expectations for Cohorted's beauty boxes. They are an online retailer which feature discounts on big brand makeup, such as: MAC, Chanel, Urban Decay etc. From the beginning, I knew that they had the potential to have amazing boxes, but my question was; would they live up to my expectations?

Skin Kissed by the Goddess of Love

I am sooo sorry; please forgive me! I had no intention of being absent for nearly TWO MONTHS! I just got so busy with University and other stuff that the blog fell to the wayside. I had assignments practically every week and then I started to have three rehearsals a week for the musical I was in. It just seemed like I never had a down moment! Needless to say that I am back and ready to roll. I have one week left of University classes and then I'm off for around five months :)

Anyway moving on to the good stuff...