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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!
The day is nearly over here in the United Kingdom, but there is still plenty of day left over the pond. I love Halloween but, personally do nothing. There are plenty of parties currently going on, up I prefer to sit down to a Most Haunted/ Ghost Adventures marathon! I also set out my plastic, light up pumpkin in the window to let trick-or-treaters know I'm home.
Although Halloween is nearly over, I have had time to get one more makeup look up. My last look is the 'skele-girl'. I've seen a lot of people, today, preferring to only do a half skull but I think that it's creepier to do a full face.

Cat appreciation post!

Afternoon everyone,

I am a real crazy cat lady; I just love the furry cuties.

 I got my first kitten when I was seven, shortly after my Gran had passed. He was a beautiful pure black, with a silver undercoat, called Sonny. Unfortunately, he passed away a few years back due to old age, but he is still the most lovely cat I ever had. 
Since then there has been a few: Sassy and Peaches. Both of them disappeared overnight and have not been seen since.

On a happier note, earlier this year my cat Millie gave birth to four cute kittens: a black, a white, a black and white, and a ginger. All were regimes to loving families except the ginger, who I kept and named Oliver.

Creative Colours Sets

Hi Guys,

It's gotten to that time of year again when the shops start to proudly display all their Christmas goods, and the shop I work in is no different. The Christmas portion of deliveries in previous weeks has risen significantly. Each time I go into work I end up humming any Christmas songs I can think of.

In past years I have always looked forward to the little makeup kits that all the shops seem to get, this year being the exception. I seem to be choosing more 'better quality' over quantity; going for more MAC, Benefit etc. 

 But, when I seen the Creative Colours collection in work I was intrigued. The deal was even sweetened when I realised I would get a discount on them.

Spiderspins: A Nail Art Tutorial

I know it's been a while since I uploaded a normal post, but things have just been so hectic lately. I've had deadlines galore which led to me now having time to do anything else. 
But! Now I'm back and just in time for some Halloween nails! I love themed nails; they allow for so much creativity. For Halloween you could have: zombies, mummies, blood, spiders etc.

Get the Disney look: Briar Rose

Burberry grey dress £590 / Steve Madden pumps £53/ Lulu Townsend black handbag £19/ White gold earrings £16,820 / Wedding ring, £1,987 / Disney heart necklace £50 / Tasha flower hair accessory £12 

The next in my 'Get the Disney Look' series. It's based on Aurora, or Briar Rose (her persona when the good fairies raise her outside the castle) from the Disney film Sleeping Beauty. I love this one due to it being monochromatic in style, with a hint of nude pink. It's subtle and

Getting Ready: Theater

Hi Guys,

Tonight I went to see the local production of 'Avenue Q' that some of the members of the theater society that I belong to are in, and let me say, it was fantastic! The musical numbers were some of the funniest I've ever heard. There were some parts that made me flush with slight embarrassment, and moments that feel warm

Get the Disney Look: Pocahontas

Alexander McQueen long brown dress£3,985 / Le Silla tan platform sandals£200 / Dot earrings£6.88 / Amrita Singh necklace£37 

The next in my 'Get the Disney Look' series. It's based on Pocahontas from the Disney film Pocahontas. I don't love this one as much as the other I still have to put up; I think I used too

October 2014: My 5 Wish Listers

I feel like I have to write a wish list because there is just so much that I want to buy. Seriously though, amazon and eBay are the devils. These are the top 5 products on my October wishlist:
Sleek I-Divine Palette in SnapshotsI had a large makeup clear out earlier this year where I got rid of all my bad, old makeup, and because of this my only palettes are very basic neutral shades. I like Snapshots because of the bright Spring/Summer

New Storage Bargains

Have you ever had that moment where you end up buying a bit (or a LOT!) of makeup before getting home and realising that you had ran out of space in your nice, neat storage area.


That was me on Saturday. I had just done a final Christmas pressie haul, conveniently from my mother to me, and realisied that there was no way all of that would fit into my drawers. I panicked, I had just bought new clear acrylic storage for my drawers from

Glitter Lips: Wicked

Top o' the mornin' to you guys,

I don't know why I'm suddenly so fascinated by glitter lips; I just get so happy when they work out  and there is minimal glitter spillage.

These follow on from the 'Wizard of Oz' and the musicals theme. As the post title suggests these lips were inspired by 'Wicked', and more specifically Elphaba. If you've never seen or heard of 'Wicked' before, it's basically the prequel to the 'Wizard of Oz' and how the wicked witch became who she was. The emerald glitter is reminiscent of her skin colour.

Same process as with the other set. The only difference is that the lipstick used was Rimmel Kate Moss #113, which is a beige colour, and the glitter was a fine emerald green. The glitter came from a set of off eBay for only a couple of pounds, which I originally bought for my nail art.

I'm think these would also be especially amazing at Halloween, like the previous ruby slipper ones.

Louise x x

DIY Dolly Halloween Tutorial

I washed and primed my face prior to putting any makeup on; creating a blank canvas. For this look I tried to make myself as pale as possible, which wasn't very hard for two reasons: I have very fair skin that never has any colour, and I'm Scottish (notorious for pasty, white skin). I used my Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner (Perfect Black) to create thick cat eyes liner, which you can't actually see that well on the pictures.

I used Rimmel's Kate Moss #110 on my lips to crate fuller red lips; the sort you find on creepy old porcelain dolls. To create the 'cherub cheeks' effect, I took Sleek Blusher in Pixie Pink and dusted it on my cheeks liberally. 

The cracks were created with numerous eyeliners I have; both pencil and liquid. I used Elf Mineral Eye Liner in black to create faint lines which acted as a template. I then went over the top in Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Liner in black to make them stand out more, and to get a thinner line for the 'hairline' cr…

Glitter Lips: Ruby Slippers


Just more experimentation with the glitter lips. I watched 'The Wizard of Oz' today and
I have to say that it is hands down my all time favorite musical (followed by the great 'LES MISERABLES!). When I was growing up I was always fascinated by

Tartan Nails!

Tartan is always a key feature in my wardrobe come autumn/winter. Although, that's maybe because I'm Scottish and everyone else starts to wear it. There is just something about it that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Now, even though I am Scottish, I don't come from one of those families where they have their own special tartan (one day though...). I, instead, wear any that please me' preferring to stick to those that feature traditional colors such as blue, red and brown. 

These nails were inspired by love of all things tartan during Autumn, featuring a burgundy and gold pattern.

Louise x x

Glitter lips: Pretty in Pink

Glitter lips!

I honestly thought that they'd turn out a lot worse than they did. I thought that they would

All that glitters is gold

Gold! Gold! GOLD!
This is such a pretty colour.
I received this for my birthday, from an old friend, many years ago. I feel like

Get the Disney Look: Jane Porter

Silvian Heach yellow dress, $64 / Just Female orange blazer, $97 / H M bracelet, $6.43 / Opi nail polish, $27 / Topshop nail polish, $9.67 / DOMESTIC wall decal, $78 / Modcloth heels $40
This is one of the best colleges, I think, is in the series; probably because it is a much more 'realistic' look. It's based on Jane Porter from the Disney film Tarzan. 

Pretty Pink

Some new looks I'm working on. I tried working in some little hot pink hexagons and things got messy...

DIY Kitty Halloween Tutorial

The time for Halloween is quickly approaching!

While guaranteed, Halloween is not as popular in Britain as it is across the pond, it can quickly turn into a major social event. Where I live it is used as more of a chance for the students to let go midterm and have a great big party. The party at the student union is LEGENDARY!

In spirit of the upcoming events I'm going to run a series of different looks that can be created through the use of everyday makeup (no fancy face paints for me, no siree). The first look I wanted to try was the traditional Halloween kitty cat. At any party it can be guaranteed that at least a quarter of the people there will chose this. As I am a 'cat-person' it would always be my first choice.

Benefit Haul

You may have noticed at the top to my blog that there is a poll regarding Benefit concealer and which is most preferable. This is due to feeling like I need to branch out a bit and try new brands...

Clinique Moisturising Lip Colour Chubby Stick #04 Mega Melon

 Up next is a staple that everyone needs in their handbag. It the Clinique Chubby Sticks! I've been hearing a lot about these in recent months. I almost bought a set aboard the return flight from Florida, but Stila held my interest more. Now I finally have one!! Behold!

The shade I picked was #04 Mega Melon. I was looking for a more subtle shade due to the more vibrant colors I've bought recently.  This is a deep coral tone with copper shimmers (if held in the light).

The moisturizing power in this little stick is phenomenal...

Meet Oliver

Meet the most amazing kitten ever!

Bargain Hunting in the City

With the rush up to Christmas I decided to go back to the shopping capital of Scotland: Glasgow! As if the hundreds I spent last week weren't enough. Today was all about the makeup though. TK Maxx is one of my favorite places to get branded makeup at a mere fraction of the price; 'lo and behold, Glasgow has two in  the central shopping district. I was in my element. Soem of the things I bought were:
Set of three Rimmel Apocolips £5.99!! (The day before I paid just under a fiver for a single one; daylight robbery!) OPI nail polish £6.99 (RRP £11.99) Ciate nail varnish £2.99 (RRP £9.00)BareMinerals All Over Face Colour £5.99 (RRP £19.00)         As you can probably tell I had a fantastic day collecting all my little treasures all over the city. My only sadness is that I have to wait until Christmas to play with any of it, but I shall PERSEVERE! Any more bargain hunt shall be posted here as I see them.
Louise x x

Get the Disney Look: Charlotte La Bouff

Barry M Lip Paint #426 Genie

One of my newer purchases has been the Barry M Lip Paint. When I bought some for my cosuins birthday in September I noticed one in very different packaging. When I opened the tester tube, imagine my surprise when the product was GREEN! I immediately put it back and walked away; green was a bit too outside my comfort-zone. A few days later, while surfing youtube (as you do), an advert for the very same product popped up; imagine my surprise when the color actually turned PINK!!!

YSL La Laque Couture in #48 Rose Scabiosa

Evening :D (at least where I am!)

Today I went out and treated myself to some new nail polish. I had such a hard time choosing and ruminated over the decision for a good half hour. In the end I walked away with this new beauty. It's a YSL La Laque Couture, in the shade #48 Rose Scabiosa.

I had never previously tried any 'luxury' brands of nail polish; instead I bought only what could be found in my local pharmacy stores (drugstores?), such as Barry M etc. If all other, similar, brands are like this one then I can see what all the hype is about. 

The brush is similar to that of the Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Enamel, as they both fan out which gives great nail coverage. The consistency of the polish is ...

Get the Disney look: Mother Gothel

Notte by Marchesa pink evening gown, $1,465 / Sophia webster shoes, $835 / Henri Bendel beige handbag / Asprey hinged bracelet / Lola Rose black collar necklace, $230 / Lauren Sigman Jewelry diamond jewellery / Lip gloss makeup / Christian Dior edt perfume

Hey Guys
So I'm completely in love with Disney; and I found out about people creating these collages on a site called Polyvore. I'm kinda wanting to just wanting to create Disney looks from clothing, makeup and jewelry that's out now.
This is a formal Mother Gothel look, from the movie Tangled. I based the look on the burgundy of her dress, and the black of the hair. One of my favorite items in the collage is the bottle of Poison by Dior. Mother Gothel's relationship could be defined by the word poison, so I felt that it suited.
Louise x x

Getting ready: Freshers Initiations

So, this evening I'm heading out to my university society's freshers initiations; a time when all of the group 'oldies' get the 'newbies' totally intoxicated and playing silly games. Now, I am not a big drinky-poo person and so will only be having a couple. This leads to me playing the person who takes the photos and makes sure no one collapses from alcohol poisoning.

As my 'official' title is that of 'glamorous assistant'...

Bath & Body Works Shower Gel Review - Tokyo Lotus & Apple Blossom

While I was in Orlando this summer (I'm not bragging honest) I became well acquainted with the Bathe & Body Works. It. Was. Amazing. I'd compare it being somewhere in the middle of a Body Shop and a Lush store. I picked up lots of different things (they has some kind of summer sale on), and I'm gonna take this opportunity to talk about their shower gel.

I bought a small, travel sized Bath & Body Works 'Tokyo Lotus & Apple Blossom' scented shower gel.

The first thing that i noticed was that it was travel sized which, if bring back home, is plenty enough due to luggage constraints. The next thing I noticed was the cute bottle it came in. The cap is a deep pink; a colour similar to that of the gel. On the front of the bottle is a beautiful floral pattern, giving of an Asian vibe.

The smell is great. It's a very deep floral scent which makes me think of bright,airy summer days. It was perfect for my holiday in the sun. The scent fits me to perfection, and …

Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets Review

These are my LIFESAVERS!!
When I'm in university for a long, grueling day, and it's been a while since I applied my make up, I find my face getting quite oily, especially in my T zone.
I bought theses at my local Home Bargains store, which for those who don't know, is a shop that sells brands for cheaper than regular retail price. I was looking in the beauty aisle, looking to burn some money when I spotted these. From reading lots of 'what's in my handbag' posts, I noticed that a lot of people carried oil blotting sheets. I decided there to get some and try them; it wasn't going to be a loss if they were no good. Two boxes were included in a pack, for like £0.79; BARGAIN!

Opening the box you can see that there are lots within one box. Each box is listed as having 50 sheets; I end up using 2-3 a day on my face (if I feel it needs it). There is a small sticky tab on the inside of the front flap which allows for a single sheet to be pulled out automatically; I ha…

The Body Shop Hand Cleanse Gel Review

In August it was my birthday, and with it came the renowned (to me) free birthday gift from The Body Shop. Now, I'm ashamed to admit that is the only time I go there, which is weird because everything smells divine and I totally agree with their policies (against animal testing etc). Every year I say to myself that I'll become a regular, yet I never do.
Yet, I'm now getting carried away. One of the things I bought was the Hand Cleanse Gel, in the scent of Mango. Being a student, I find that Universities are one of the places were illness spread easily (and I'm extra susceptible). 
There is no mention on the packaging about what percentage of bacteria it kills off but the smell is fantastic. I've had friends practically inhaling my hands because they smell that great. It's travel sized as well which makes it super easy to just throw into your handbag as you rush out the door.
I would undoubtedly recommend this product to absolutely everyone, even if you don't l…

MAC Holiday Ice Parade Review

Hi :)

Soo I was in Florida during the summer and, as one does on holiday in a place where the shopping is fantastic, I went a bit spree mad. One of the things that I bought were the MAC Holiday Ice Parade Mineralize Brush Set. Now they were bought as part of a larger makeup set from a shop in the Orlando Premium Outlets (Top of I-Drive, not near Seaworld) called The Beauty Store, I think. I didn't realize that they were in the package until I got back to the hotel and opened it up.
One back in Scotland I decide to look them up and then I realized that they were from the 2011 holiday season, which made me really happy as none of my makeup crazed family could get them. The outer packaging was nice (no pic). It was an icy white box with metallic sliver pattern effect, which was nice and inside was the bag. Honesty, the bag is not my biggest like of the set. It's quite small for me as I travel with a LOT of stuff, and the extended zipper makes for a hard time opening up.On the other …

The Holidays are Comin'

Oh my God! Can we have a moment of appreciation for this fine specimen of beauty? I have quite literally just placed myself on the waiting list for this at my local Debenhams store. I had heard about this last year form my cousin, who was so devastated that they had sold out before she could get herself one. A couple of days ago I was casually browsing for Christmas goodies for my family and came across the advert on the Benefit website. My first thought was ‘I need me one of those badboys’, and my second was ‘OMG! £60? Not happening, look away now!’ So in the end I’ve decide to buy one as a sort or ‘pre-Christmas’ gift to myself (of-course). I’m 18th on the list and have to purchase it between the 1st and 2nd November, otherwise it will be sold on to the general public. It is a good thing because one of the makeup brands I have never branched into Is Benefit, and everyone seems to rave about it. It has a lot of variety so that will be a good way for me to try before I buy. Look forward to…

Hey Guys

It’s been on my mind a while to begin a blog and for the longest time I could not make up my mind on what to base it on. Then it hit me. Why should I specialise my blog? I mean, sure people only want to read what their interested in, but it also narrows down your audience. I want to reach anyone who is in interested in my bletherin’.
So this is going to be based on all the good stuff that I enjoy: beauty, musicals, food, clothing, etc. The possibility is ENDLESS! :)
Looking forward to this,

ThatScottishLassie x