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Creative Colours Sets

Hi Guys,

It's gotten to that time of year again when the shops start to proudly display all their Christmas goods, and the shop I work in is no different. The Christmas portion of deliveries in previous weeks has risen significantly. Each time I go into work I end up humming any Christmas songs I can think of.

In past years I have always looked forward to the little makeup kits that all the shops seem to get, this year being the exception. I seem to be choosing more 'better quality' over quantity; going for more MAC, Benefit etc. 

 But, when I seen the Creative Colours collection in work I was intrigued. The deal was even sweetened when I realised I would get a discount on them.

The brushes cost me less than a pound. They have black and magenta leopard print handles and white and pink bristles. For their price their really okay quality. The brushes are very soft and fluffy, but on the other hand they have a strong 'new' smell. If that makes any sense.

The lip crayons were the best buy out of the three, in my opinion. They cost me less than £1.99. The shades are: nude, red, and orange (the same order that they are swatched in). I fell in love with how they all looked, especially the first two. The nude has undertones of pink, while the red is more raspberry toned. The orange is only very faint and acts as more of a clear balm.

The french manicure set was my only disappointment. When I first opened it I was shocked. I have never seen anyone use a magenta pink for their french manicures, so I had to question the decision to include it in the set. The bottles are also very tiny; I do at least three nail designs a week. The bottles wont last me very long. The upside is that the formula is very nice and the brush achieves good nail coverage.

Hope you enjoyed,

Louise x x


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