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Looking Back at 2014

I just had to comment that 2014 has been an awesome year; full of good moments with little sadness.
There are the small moments such as the birth of the best kitten in the world Oliver (who likes to believe he the King of the World), starting second year of University after passing all of my exams, seeing Avenue Q (after wanting to see it for a while), performing ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ in March, and many more.
Then there was my holiday to Florida in June, which was the best experience ever. I don’t care if people see it as a childish place, it is the most amazing place ever. It was so saddening to come back to reality after the two weeks ended.
One of 2014’s resolutions was to be more outgoing. As you can see, I started blogging in October. In the beginning, it was the most terrifying thing ever; to put yourself out there for all to see. Now, I find it has become more of relaxing hobby (providing to remember to schedule posts to upload when they are supposed to).
Here's looking forward to …

New Desk Setup

I've been wanting to show you guys my desk setup for a while now. I thought that I'd wait to get my new furniture first. I have not had a new desk in years; before this I was using a hand-me-down from my younger cousins that only had three tiny drawers. I can safely say I've upgraded to a Micke desk and the Alex Nine Drawer Unit.

Recipe special! Homemade soup

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and that Santa was good to you! He was very overgenerous to me so I am very grateful. I love Christmas; it's my favourite time of year. The only disappointing thing is that there has been no snow yet. That would make everything ultimately better.

So a bit of a deviation for my usual genre, but since, here in Scotland, the air has chilled quite a bit I thought I would share the recipe for my families homemade soup. It's really warming, and perfect for those days were you are not up to a lot of cooking. Just pop it on in the morning at a low temp and BANG! Soup for lunch!

Get the Disney Look: Rapunzel

Bandeau dress £225 / Miu Miu platform ankle boots £600 / Franchi hard clutch £34 / Oval ring £75 / Blue Nile pendant jewelry£180
A different take on my prior Rapunzel look. As with the other, it was inspired by Rapunzel from the Disney movie 'Tangled'.

Clothing and Beauty Haul

A little exam procrastination!
I have my Psychology final today, and I'm at that point where I not longer care what will happen. That does not bode well considering that my attendance was sketchy at best. I just want to pass, I don't care about the grade I get.
So, anyway. I had a bit of another shopping trip todayyy! I hit up my most favourite store in the world, TK Maxx, and also, as strange as it may seem; my workplace. I work at a national store known as Store 21; it only opened back in March. It is a bit of a value store, specialising in homeward and womenswear, but also selling menswear, childrenswear, nightwear, lingerie and shoes. A little mix of everything. It's a bit like TK Maxx; either a bit or a miss.
Store 21

I got this totally cute knitted waffle jumper! It's so warm and snuggl y; perfect for the winter weather. It's actually a baby powder blue, instead of the blue-grey it is in the picture. It is currently on 30% off, so instead of £12.99 it was £9.09 (…

December Favourites

Lush Face Mask
OH MAH GAWSH! Can you believe that before last week I had never been to Lush; when ever I pass it in the street the smell just overwhelms me. But lately, I've been more interested into revamping my skincare products. I'm not a big skincare fanatic; due to having hyper sensitive skin and a histimine intolerance means that I'm over cautious using products on my skin.
I went into Lush originally looking only for their lip scrubs, but was sided tracked by the masks. The sales assistant swayed me into puts using them which lead to me, the pushover I am, buying one. The selling factor was that the masks are fresh, made with natural ingredients, and that the mask I purchased was good for sensitive skin.

Revlon Lip Butters Review

Today, I'm Taking about Revlon Lip Butters. I think that they are by far the best reasonably priced lipsticks available, which is why I own multiple shades. I only buy more if I truly love it!

I currently have, in my collection (from top to bottom): Juicy Papaya, Sorbet, Sweet Tart and Creme Brulee. I originally won four in a competition, but lost two a while back in America (so sad!). I recently purchased Sweet Tart and Creme Brulee, which was the inspiration behind this post. 

Christmas Gift List Part 1