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New Desk Setup


I've been wanting to show you guys my desk setup for a while now. I thought that I'd wait to get my new furniture first. I have not had a new desk in years; before this I was using a hand-me-down from my younger cousins that only had three tiny drawers. I can safely say I've upgraded to a Micke desk and the Alex Nine Drawer Unit.

This is how the setup looked just before Christmas (I think I took the photo just after I built it up on the 23rd). All the furniture is from IKEA. The desk is actually described as a two-person desk (oops) but the available area is reduced with the small shelf unit. The chair is the Skruvsta desk chair in white, which is the most expensive colour.

My left hand drawer is a luxury, if anything. It holds all my Christmas choccies! Theres two selection boxes, a Belgian chocolate box, gummy reindeer, Pergale Dessert Chocolates, Matchmakers, Guylian Belgian chocolates, Parma Violets, chocolate coins, strawberry bonbons, Terry s Milk Chocolate Box, two bags of Rainbow Drops, Parrs Fruit Jellies, Frozen chocolate lollies, Lindt chocolate mini bears, After Eight Mint Thins and a chocolate Santa and reindeer. I have a tough battle ahead of me to finish these before the end of the first week in January, in order to start my new year diet for summer.

In my right hand drawer is all my staple goods. I have a box full of multicoloured Sharpies for all my note-taking needs. There is water there as it is always handy to have nearby. I have all the stationary that came out of the Benefit Advent Calendar: paper clips, doodle pad and sticky pad. There is tissues for general use and makeup spills. I have matches for my precious Yankee Candle, as well as the topper. I have my 'official' pens for university note-taking, as well as two notepads. I have a pack of paracetamol (for inevitable headaches) and a pair of scissors. For some odd reason I also have a packet of cat treats for my baby. 

Look at him; wouldn't you have treats everywhere for him?

On to the top of my Alex Drawers. I have a No 7 Light up mirror, it has a magnified side and a regular side. I have a bubblegum pink vase and artificial flowers from IKEA. In front of that I have an oil painting I purchased from a  little shop a couple streets behind the Sacre-Coeur, Paris. I have a sweet bowl from IKEA, which holds a small box of Raffaello, and my only three Essie Polishes: Fashion Playground, Toggle to the Top, and Cashmere Bathrobe.

Down the side of my Alex Nine Drawers I have a little memory board going. I change it around frequently, such as changing the winter scene for something else. I have appointment cards for BareMinerals and the Benefit Advent Calendar. There are stubs and tickets form musicals over the years. I also have all my tickets from my trip to Florida this year.

 Baacck to my desk. I moved my makeup brushes from the original picture and put my new acrylic storage in its place. I have my new Cath Kidston travel cup with the London pattern on it. I had a hard time deciding on  which cup patter to get as I loved them all. The storage was by Debut and sold in Tk Maxx. In the back I have five Makeup Revolution lip glosses (Free, Baby Try, Hush Hush, Not Have, and Must be Strong). Then I have a small compact mirror, some Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose, my glasses, and my MAC Fix+. I also have my Real Techniques Core eye collection and my BareMinerals Afternoon Delights eyeliners.

In the front section there is just lipsticks. The back row is just eight Revlon Lip Butters (Provocative, Invite Only, Creme Brulee, Peach Parfait, Cotton Candy, Cupcake, Sorbet, and Sweet Tart). The front row is MAC lipsticks (Kanga Rouge, Kraft, Ruby Woo, Rebel, Saint Germain, Rihanna Viva Glam I, and Rihanna Viva Glam II).

 Along from that I have this cute shelf unit, also from IKEA. On the top shelf is the brush holder I made myself which holds my double ended brushes, tweezers, eyelash curlers etc. I then have my new perfume Prada Candy Florale (and the matching body lotion). I have a flower pot from IKEA, filled with beads, that hold my more-used brushes. There is also a cute fairy snow-globe that matches my colour scheme (I love to collect snow-globes!).

The next shelf has a sweet bowl with cotton buds in it and another lipstick holder. The back row starts with a Peri Pera Frozen Magic Glam Tint, MAC Lipglass (Good Lovin',Golden Blanket, A Different Groove), a Revlon Lip Butter (Papaya), and Maybelline Coloursensational Popstick (Cherry Pop).In the front row I have two Makeup Revolution 'I HEART Makeup' lipsticks (Dream About Success and Marshmallow Kiss), two Max Factor lipsticks (Angel Pink and Rosewood), a Loreal Colour Riche (Wild Plum), and an Etude House Princess Happy Ending (Snow White). Next to the lipstick holder I have my Coach Poppy Flower perfume that I got in Florida. I have two crystal paperweights in the back.

FINALLY, I have a Primrose Bakery cookbook and my University Academic diary. I have a MAC Pro quad with three eye-shadows waiting to be depotted (that you can't see in the photo).

Lastly I have my Yankee Candle in Snowflake Cookie, which has lasted me since the beginning of November. I have the Magic Garden large lamp shade on the top (which I got for Christmas).

If you lasted the full length then I COMMEND YOU! The sheer amount of listing became very tedious after a while. 

Do you have a similar setup? Would you have changed anything? Let me know below!

Louise x x

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