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Recipe special! Homemade soup


I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and that Santa was good to you! He was very overgenerous to me so I am very grateful. I love Christmas; it's my favourite time of year. The only disappointing thing is that there has been no snow yet. That would make everything ultimately better.

So a bit of a deviation for my usual genre, but since, here in Scotland, the air has chilled quite a bit I thought I would share the recipe for my families homemade soup. It's really warming, and perfect for those days were you are not up to a lot of cooking. Just pop it on in the morning at a low temp and BANG! Soup for lunch!

Homemade Soup

Two Carrots
One large Onion
Bag of Lentils
Small Potatoes
Chicken and Vegetable Stock Cubes 

One thing to know before following the recipe is that the quantities are not set in stone; if you like lots of bacon, put lots of bacon in.

Step One
Take the two large carrots and peel them. After this you want to wash them to ensure there is no unwanted residue on them. Take a grater and grate the carrots on the side that gives the finest grate; it should basically become carrot 'mush'.

Step Two
Do the same with the large onion; peel the outer layers and then wash. Using a sharp knife, you want to chop it into pieces of the same size. The chunks could be either bite sized pieces or small  slivers; it's up to you.

Step Three 
Add both to a large soup pot and wash down the chopping board for the next stages.

Step Four
Add three-fourths of the bag of lentils to the pot, and mix well.

Step Five
Take a couple of small potatoes. Peel them and wash them. You then want to chop them into bite sized chunks. Use as many potatoes as you'd like.

Step Six
Add the potato chunks to the pot as well. Pour water into the pot, so that the water is quite close to the top of the pot.

Step Seven
Take two chicken stock cubes and one vegetable stock cube; crumble them into the pot.

Step Eight
Cut chunks of un-smoked bacon in to the pot; add as little or as much as you would like.

Step Nine
Put the soup on a low heat, where it will slow cook for many hours. It is best to put this on in the morning for it to be ready in the afternoon.

I live on this stuff in the winter; I'm not a big cook so the fact that I can put it on in the morning and leave it is a big bonus. 

Let me know what your favourite winter food is (and maybe some recipes ;))

Louise x x

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