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Lush Boxing Day Sale 2016

How are you? Did you have a nice Christmas! Mine was an incredulbily quiet and lazy Christmas. However, Boxing Day was busy. Going to the Lush Boxing Day Sale now seems to be an annual event in my family. And it was so busy this year. Last year I just walked into the store and got my purchases with no problem. But this year I queued for a half hour just to get into my local Lush store.  I did not expect it, at all. However, I am extremely pleased with this years haul.

theBalm Nude 'Tude Palette Review and Swatches

In honour of my freedom for the winter holidays, I thought I'd do a swatch and review of a palette that I have been finding myself reaching for over the past month and a half. The palette is the old blogger favourite, theBalm Nude 'Tude Palette! I picked this palette up way back near the beginning of this year and just sat on it for a good couple of months. In October, I did a clean out of my makeup collection and decided to make the effort to try it out; to find out whether I'd like it or not.

Winter Snowflakes Nail Art

University exams are over, all this semesters coursework's finished, homework assigned, it's safe to say the Christmas Holidays start now!! This semester of university has been so much harder which is why I had to stop posting for a while. Regardless, I'm back now and ready to roll!

Korean Skincare Mini-Haul

Korean skincare is super popular right now, everyone is loving it. They are some of the 'it' products of this year. There are now so many places that you can get K-beauty products, Asos and Sephora being two of them. But, a couple of weeks ago Tk Maxx ran a big K-beauty Event which is where I went a bit wild. I mean, K-beauty is great as it is but at a discounted price? Sign me up!  Some of the brands I seen were; my favourite K-beauty brand Etude House, Tony Moly and Elizavecca. Enough of me rambling though, and get into the mini-haul!

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you all have an amazing Halloween. Halloween fell off my radar this year, what with me being preoccupied with University dissertation work. But, even so, I still have this special post for you all.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Skincare Collection

My skin is going through a bit of a rough patch right now. I don't know if the change in seasons or if my skin is just changing, just it has not been happy at all. I recently walked into the Body Shop doing some early Christmas shopping, when I noticed that they had a little sale going on. Skincare is a major part of my beauty routine that I am currently making an effort to expand so I was very excited about their sale. The one product that I was super excited about, and actually purchased, was the Vitamin E Skincare Collection.

Halloween Lush Haul

Special seasonal Lush products are my favourite Lush products. Whether it is Fluffy Egg at Easter or Snow Fairy at Christmas, I love it all! Though, I have yet to find that signature product that represents my Halloween. I knew there had been a few new releases for this year, so I had to go a hauling'.

Better Late Than Never! MAC Irresistibly Charming Lip Gloss Kit

Holiday gift sets are exploding onto the scene everywhere! You might think 'Hey! It's not even Halloween yet!" to which I would reply that it is never to early to think of Christmas. Right now Instagram is rife with sneak peaks and new releases, the most exciting of which is the MAC Nutcracker Sweet Holiday Collection. You bet that I'm already squirrelling away most of my money in anticipation. But, looking forward to the new collection has made me reminiscent of last years holiday collection and the unpublished post I wrote. I thought I'd publish this anyway as a way for people, who might have never bought any products from a MAC Holiday Collection before, to see what they could expect.

Too Faced Exotic Color Eye Shadows

I've started to go through my makeup collection and discover products that may have been 'under-used'. The Too Faced Exotic Color Intense Eye Shadows first came to my attention when I received my first Cohorted Beauty Box back in October last year. I was so impressed with the shade I received in Copper Peony that I had to get more. Sadly, they were discontinued either just before or just after their inclusion in the Cohorted box. Fortunately, forays into the heaven that is Tk Maxx allowed me the chance to procure more to my collection. I had forgotten all about these until recently when I decided to use Copper Peony, and I remembered how much I loved the shadow. So I decided to do a little swatch/review of all the shades.

September Monthly Beauty Favourites

This is Halloween! Halloween! HALLOWEEN! Finally October has graced us with her presence, and I could not be happier. This is my time of year; when the leaves start to change and the air gets crisp. It just makes me so happy, I don't even care that the year is close to its finish. With that being said, I have found myself to be really stump in a slump. I've got a bit of a writer's block, a lack of 'oomph', if you will. I've been doing a fair bit, only to be unsatisfied with the end product. After this, I'm going to take a couple of days too remind me of why I enjoy this so much. 
But anywho, you're here not because you want to read my rambling, but because of my monthly favourites. I feel like this month I really used some good solid products but these at the best of them.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Big Bang (+ matching lipliner!)

Have you ever just looked at a lipstick and thought, 'You're so unwearable but I must have you in my collection'? Yeah. We have all been there, whether it's that totally one trend black lippie or a big, bold navy blue. Well I hadn't, not until I met my match last week. I was browsing the stand for Urban Decay's new collection of Vice lipsticks. Now they are not totally new to me, they were in Sephora when I was in America at June, but I had never had enough time just to browse over all the new colours. I mean, there are a HUNDRED new shades! Needless to say, after a solid half an hour of studying all the shades, I flounced into my University lecture with two new impulse buys. All because I have no self control. I may have to start walking the long route to class and avoiding Debenhams altogether. 

Autumnal Illamasqua Haul

Autumn is fast approaching, I believe September 22nd is the official seasonal change. I've decided to be proactive with my Autumnal makeup update. I went to my one stop makeup shop, aka the makeup heaven that is Tk Maxx, and they had just received a huge Illamasqua shipment. My reach into Illamsasqau has been quite limited, mainly their amazing nail varnishes, and I could not wait to get my hands on some new products.

August Monthly Favourites

August has gone by in such a flash, I cannot believe I go into the final year of my Psychology degree in two weeks. Where has all the time gone? I feel like I say that every month but I honestly feel like my life is on fast forward right now. You might have noticed that I have not been posting as regularly as I usually do. That's because I am trying to amass a large stockpile of scheduled post for when University starts back. With this being my final year I expect to get really busy with lectures and time in the research labs. So hopefully, starting from next week I can get back to my two-three times a week upload schedule!

With all that said and done, here is my August Monthly Favourites!

My Skincare Routine

I was away to title this post as my updated skincare routine, but I have realised that I haven't done one already. Nearly two years this blog has been running (!!) and I have never posted an insight into my skincare routine. Well that's all about to change!

Barry M Nail Paint in Peach Melba

It's been such nice weather recently; the sun has been splitting the sky. I've been feeling very summery. I have been enjoying this Barry M Nail Paint in the shade Peach Melba. It is a perfect pastel peachy colour which just fits amazingly with this great weather. One thing that I will mention that is negative, it that it chips a lot easier than any of my other Barry M Nail Paints; maybe the formula is a bit different?

Gwen Stefani x Urban Decay Palette

I wasn't really going to purchase this, at the time, but when I went shopping after Christmas they only had the five left in my local Debenhams. I was pushed into buying this instead of the original Naked palette with phrases such as 'limited edition' and 'you can get the Naked palette anytime!" 

The palette itself feels very sturdy, like I could take it travelling and not have to worry about any of the shadows smashing. The golden edging detail with the black polka dots make the palette look quite edgy and modern. The inside reveals a nice oversized mirror with a cute little quote in the corner.

There are fifteen eyeshadows in total; the majority are a warm neutral tone but there are a few pops of colour. The first five shadows are: Blonde, Bathwater, Skimp, Steady and Punk. Blonde is a very pale beige shade with a pinkish iridescent shimmer to it. With it being so pale I really had to dig my brush into it to achieve any type of pigmentation. Bathwater is a bolder …

New Favourite Budget Lipsticks

It has been quite a few weeks since I last posted, for which I can only apologise. My Macbook unexpectedly died and was not worth the money spent to repair so I had to wait a long time for my insurance to send out a replacement. Now that everything is back to normal I should be able to easily return to my three times a week posting schedule, although I cannot promise which days I will be able to upload.

Travel Blog: Epcot

Part of the line up of scheduled posts that were due to go live during my vacation, was a travel blog outlining the highlights of each day. The subsequent problems with Blogger put an end to that idea, but I thought to myself 'what's topping me for writing them now asa reflection?' So here is the first of my Disney Travel Blog series; starting with Epcot! 

June Monthly Favourites

I say this every month it seems like, but this year is just whizzing past! Soon it'll be my birthday in August, September I'm back for my last year of University, then Halloween, Bonfire Night and....Christmas! Basically, every month after July has a special event bringing me closer to the end of the year. Save my soul; I'm not ready for that yet!

American Drugstore Haul

I promised a matching American drugstore haul for my previous American high-end haul, so here it it. This is a mixture of Walgreens, Cvs and Ross Dress for Less with a touch of Bed, Bath and Beyond. There was a Walgreens just across the street from me, the willpower was not strong. I was in there like every second night, mainly for food, but that beauty aisle is always the first aisle in the store right at the entrance...I had to keep being dragged away. Looking at my haul like this, I can see I was on a fiercely strong Milani kick. 

High-end American Beauty Haul

So as you a probably all aware, I have recently returned from the states. I'd like to again apologise for the lack of posts while I was away, blogger messed up. I have taken them all off schedule now, and will instead publish them with my current line up.

But your not here for the technicalities, your here for the makeup! Anytime a person who beauty blogs goes away to America, there is usually a haul shown later. I am no exception! I love shopping in America, their shops are so much better then what I find on the highstreet where I live; I usually travel to Glasgow for decent shopping once or twice a year. Some of my frequented shops are: Charlotte Russe, JC Penny, Torrid, Sephora and Forever 21.

Beauty Burst Event!!

Firstly I'd like to apologise. This was supposed to be up before I my trip, but unforntately something went wrong with Blogger and it wasn't published. I couldn't use my phone to do so as it was messing up the formatting of the entire post, thus I had to wait until I returned. Many apologies to everyone.

Recently, I attended the Beauty Burst event at a local shopping centre, which focused on promoting the refresh of both your wardrobe and beauty routine. There were demonstrations, samples and many discounts throughout the centre, such as New Look and Ness.

Makeup Revolution Iconic 2 Palette Swatches and Review

Today all focus is on the Makeup Revolution Iconic 2 Palette. I picked this up quite a while ago, during the special Black Friday offer, and it has become a firm favourite. Posts that I had read prior to purchase described this as being the ultimate dupe for the second Lorac Pro Palette. I picked this up as I have always wanted to try the Lorac Pro Palette, but it has never been very high on my must have makeup list.

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in 'Blueberry'

I think that one of the most exciting things about going on holiday, other than the actual trip, is doing my nails. I pick up one or two nail polishes for specific holidays and they become sentimental to me. Does that make me seem weird? Nails were my big passion before I really got into makeup, and it probably will always be my first beauty love. 

Was it Love at First Blush?

I picked up the Soap & Glory Love at First Blush just before Christmas in a Boots '3 for 2' offer, wanting to try something other than their bath and body products. I'm a big blush fan, so when I'm trying out a new brand I will always go for the blush first.

Makeup Revolution All About Cream Blush Palette

Now, I love Makeup Revolution. When I first stared blogging, Makeup Revolution was just starting up, and everyone was realising this could just be the next biggest drugstore brand. Everything that I've purchased has been gold; no regrets what so ever. But, still, I ave my doubts when I picked up the All About Cream Blush Palette. I've had cream palettes where the product was so stiff and unworkable, which is how I thought this palette would have went. I'm so GLAD to say this is not the case!!

My Travel Makeup Bag

Incase you didn't know I'm heading back to Florida next month! Going home to Disney World! Even though it will be swelteringly hot, I will be be wearing makeup. I'll be taking lots of photos, as usual, and my skin is not the best au natural. 

My Highlighter Collection!

When I first came on the makeup scene, highlighters were not that big of a deal. The focus was more on contouring so hard that your cheekbones looked like they could cut glass. Over the last year and a half (sometimes it feels like I've been blogging a lot longer), I have noticed that highlighters have turned into 'THE' product to have.

April Monthly Favourites

Please excuse my patchy uploading schedule, I'm right in the middle of exam season and it's kicking me while I'm down. I should be finished mid- May, which only leaves me two weeks to schedule a couple of posts before I leave for Orlando. But, anyway, monthly favourites time. 

Sephora by OPI Nail Colour in 'Cover Me With Petals'

I'm in a bit of a nail slump here, my nails are naturally all chipped, peeled and grotesque. I'm so close to packing it all in and chopping them all off. Until that time, though, I have been using the  Sensationail at home gel kit to strengthen them and make them look less ugly. My favourite method, and probably not the best, is to use the clear base/top coat as normal, but add normal nail polishes on top. My nails are not as strong as a proper gel manicure, but by using acetone-free remover I can change the colours when ever I feel like it.

The Bloggers Made Me Do It! Mary Lou Manizer

The second in my 'The Bloggers Made Me Do It!' series: Mary Lou Manizer, the Queen of all highlighters. The Mary Lou Manizer is definitely a firm favourite of mine, I pick it up more than any other highlighter in my collection. It's not hard to see how important highlighters have become in a makeup routine. Recent makeup trends now revolve around 'strobing' and creating a glowy, luminous base. Highlighters are a firm forefront runner of the makeup world. When I first started getting into makeup, highlighters were really not a big thing. But now they are the must have products!

Bake With Me! Mars Bar Cake

If your following me on instagram, then you'll have seen my sneakpeak of an upcoming post on Mars Bar Cake. Well The day is finally here; today I'm showing you how to achieve that deviousness. This recipe is from my copy of 'The Primrose Bakery Book', as I actually can't bake unless following a proper recipe. This recipe is very easy and perfect to do as a family activity.

Tarte Maracuja Cheek Tint in Deep Berry

With the transition into Spring, I find that I have been reaching more and more for my liquid and cream blushes over the traditional powders. I prefer liquid and creams during Spring, as I find that their finishes create a dewier appearance. One of the staples in my collection is the Tarte Maracuja Cheek Tint in the shade Deep Berry.

Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in 'Edition'

I like liquid lipsticks. The idea of applying it once and not having to really ever hour is my kind of idea. I'm totally lazy like that. I don't have to worry that it's becoming too faded or patchy, and at most I will only have to reapply after a heavy meal. When I see the brand 'Hourglass' I think high-end, luxury products; it's sone of the brand that I fell everyone needs to try once. I picked up an Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick and an Ambient Lighting Powder as my first 'dip. into the brand.

New SS16 Trends at #FashionLive!

On Saturday, I had the honour of attending the Fashion Live! event at my local shopping centre as a blogger. This was my first event as a blogger, and I have to say: what an experience! At the event there was both fashion masterclasses and beauty demonstrations. I was only able to attend of a short time, due to a prior engagement, but I was so sad to leave.

March Monthly Favourites

The time has come again for my monthly favourites. When I was in my Alex drawers picking out what I had been reaching for most this month, I had a really hard time. There has not been a lot of consistent makeup products this month; only a small handful.

Spring Beauty Haul

It's been so long since I have last done any major makeup shopping; I think it was Boxing Day when I last went a bit 'wild'. Boots was running deals on the majority of their brands, my interest was being pulled by the '3 for 2' on Revlon. I was desperatly needing a new foundation as my Maybelline Fit Me! was down to it's last drops.

My MAC Collection Part Two

This is the second part of my MAC collection; seven shades out of the thirteen I own. The first part of my collection was my reds and nudes, and this part is my pink and purple shades. 

My MAC Collection Part One

I though that I'd share with you all my MAC lipstick collection. I, personally, love these types of posts as it's less about the accumulative collection and more about showing off the swatches. I want this post to help those who are away to buy a new MAC lipstick and are unsure of what shade looks good.

Bite Beauty Frozen Berries Matte Creme Lipstick in Elderberry

I've been siting on the limited edition Bite Beauty Frozen Berries Matte Creme Lipstick in the shade Elderberry since late summer when I picked it up at Sephora. I have been loving it since the start of the Autumn/Winter season; the colour didn't feel appropriate for use until then. Elderberry was one of the only shades left in the collection, but that was fine as I was totally on a dark berry/ purple lip colour kick.

The Bloggers Made Me Do It!: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder

I've been toying with starting a new series reviewing all the brought that I've bought based what I've seen hyped about by bloggers and you tubers, and if they lived up to that hype. I thought that it would be a nice series as I don't have any series currently ongoing.The first for the series is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in the shade Mood Light.

February Monthly Favourites

Celebrate Body Lotion There has been such a cold snap hovering over Scotland right now, and my skin has certainly been feeling it. Celebrate has been helping a lot right now. It's not too strongly fragranced, but is super-moisturising.