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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you all have an amazing Halloween. Halloween fell off my radar this year, what with me being preoccupied with University dissertation work. But, even so, I still have this special post for you all.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Skincare Collection

My skin is going through a bit of a rough patch right now. I don't know if the change in seasons or if my skin is just changing, just it has not been happy at all. I recently walked into the Body Shop doing some early Christmas shopping, when I noticed that they had a little sale going on. Skincare is a major part of my beauty routine that I am currently making an effort to expand so I was very excited about their sale. The one product that I was super excited about, and actually purchased, was the Vitamin E Skincare Collection.

Halloween Lush Haul

Special seasonal Lush products are my favourite Lush products. Whether it is Fluffy Egg at Easter or Snow Fairy at Christmas, I love it all! Though, I have yet to find that signature product that represents my Halloween. I knew there had been a few new releases for this year, so I had to go a hauling'.

Better Late Than Never! MAC Irresistibly Charming Lip Gloss Kit

Holiday gift sets are exploding onto the scene everywhere! You might think 'Hey! It's not even Halloween yet!" to which I would reply that it is never to early to think of Christmas. Right now Instagram is rife with sneak peaks and new releases, the most exciting of which is the MAC Nutcracker Sweet Holiday Collection. You bet that I'm already squirrelling away most of my money in anticipation. But, looking forward to the new collection has made me reminiscent of last years holiday collection and the unpublished post I wrote. I thought I'd publish this anyway as a way for people, who might have never bought any products from a MAC Holiday Collection before, to see what they could expect.

Too Faced Exotic Color Eye Shadows

I've started to go through my makeup collection and discover products that may have been 'under-used'. The Too Faced Exotic Color Intense Eye Shadows first came to my attention when I received my first Cohorted Beauty Box back in October last year. I was so impressed with the shade I received in Copper Peony that I had to get more. Sadly, they were discontinued either just before or just after their inclusion in the Cohorted box. Fortunately, forays into the heaven that is Tk Maxx allowed me the chance to procure more to my collection. I had forgotten all about these until recently when I decided to use Copper Peony, and I remembered how much I loved the shadow. So I decided to do a little swatch/review of all the shades.

September Monthly Beauty Favourites

This is Halloween! Halloween! HALLOWEEN! Finally October has graced us with her presence, and I could not be happier. This is my time of year; when the leaves start to change and the air gets crisp. It just makes me so happy, I don't even care that the year is close to its finish. With that being said, I have found myself to be really stump in a slump. I've got a bit of a writer's block, a lack of 'oomph', if you will. I've been doing a fair bit, only to be unsatisfied with the end product. After this, I'm going to take a couple of days too remind me of why I enjoy this so much. 
But anywho, you're here not because you want to read my rambling, but because of my monthly favourites. I feel like this month I really used some good solid products but these at the best of them.