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Too Faced Exotic Color Eye Shadows

I've started to go through my makeup collection and discover products that may have been 'under-used'. The Too Faced Exotic Color Intense Eye Shadows first came to my attention when I received my first Cohorted Beauty Box back in October last year. I was so impressed with the shade I received in Copper Peony that I had to get more. Sadly, they were discontinued either just before or just after their inclusion in the Cohorted box. Fortunately, forays into the heaven that is Tk Maxx allowed me the chance to procure more to my collection. I had forgotten all about these until recently when I decided to use Copper Peony, and I remembered how much I loved the shadow. So I decided to do a little swatch/review of all the shades.

I own four of the Too Faced Exotic Color Intense Eye Shadows, in the shades: Copper Peony, Violet Femme, Poison Orchid, and Cop a Teal. Each shade comes housed in these cute black cases in the shape of flowers. Little clear windows make it easy to see the color of each shade; easier than if there had only been a shade name.

I already went into great depth about the shade copper peony as it featured in it's own blog post, but I'll give a brief summary. Copper Peony is a vivd orange-copper shade that is so shimmer that is is very close to a foiled finish. The pigmentation of  this shadow is so strong; a little bit will go a long, long way.It is very soft, which leads it to be very prone to breaking.

Cop a Teal is deep, blackened teal shade that is very unique to any other shade I own, it's really hard to explain. The finish is very shimmery, but not quite as much as Copper Peony. The pigmentation, however, is also very strong with this one.

Poison Orchid is similar to Cop a Teal, in that it has a dark black base to the shadow. It colour is a very dark violet shade. Compared to the other two shades, this is more of a straight up shimmer, glitter finish, than a foiled finish.  The texture is also not a soft as Copper Peony, but by no means is it harsh or scratchy.

The last shadow is Violet Femme, which is a very pale lilac shade. The finish is very different to the others as it is a matte shadow packed, and I mean packed, full of little golden glitters. The pigmentation is also very different as I had to layer this shadow up in order to get the true lilac shade. The texture is also very firm and tough. But, with a little work, this shadow can be amazing.

Overall, I wish I had known about these shadows back before they were discontinued because I would have had them all. They are oh so pretty. The Too Faced eye shadow formula will always be a favourite of mine.

Who else is loving on these beautiful shadows?

Louise x x


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