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Be Still my Blushing Heart!

I keep hearing (and seeing) more and more from Makeup Revolution. It seems like every week they are bringing out a new product, or extending a range. Before November, I have never heard of the brand! I was severely behind on the times. I did a big haul during their Black Friday giveaway that I am slowly (keyword: SLOWLY) working my way through.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss in #014 Rosepearl

I'm a huge fan of makeup collection videos over on YouTube! I like seeing all the different products everyone has and how they store them. Do they have the Alex Nine Drawers? Muji Storage? How do they set up their desks? You start to notice a pattern in the products that everyone has.
One of the products that I picked up on were the  Revlon Colorburst Lip Glosses. I noticed that most people kept them in their acrylic storage; that they fit just perfectly in height and length to create layers in a drawer.

I was gutted as I could not find them in any of the Superdrugs or Boots where I live, and I thought that perhaps they were discontinued. I know; why didn't I just move on? There are plenty of lip glosses in the world. The Revlon Colorburst Lip Glosses were just calling to me!

The Perfect Flush?

When I think Benefit Cosmetics, I think first and foremost of Benetint. It is one of the companies best selling products. 

In case you don't quite know what Benetint is, let me give you the low down. 

Curl 'em with Benefit Roller Lash

I must admit it: I'm one of those people who who always jumping on the bandwagon of trying a new product. After all, how do you know if you'll like it if you don't try it. I enjoy trying new products, but as I'm the stereotypical poor student, I can't always afford to but the full priced product. When I heard that the February edition of Elle Magazine was to come out with a sample of Benefits new Roller Lash Mascara, I knew I had to have it. It isn't even available at the Benefit counters or on their website yet.

Makeup Revolution GO! Palette

Cast your minds way, way back to Black Friday. You may remember that Makeup Revolution were giving away £25 worth of products for free. This was one of the goodies that came in that package! 

Get the Disney Look: Anna

Alexander McQueen blue corset, £1,545 / Monsoon black ankle boots, £93 / Niclaire black leather purse, £130 / Tiffany & Co. 18k earrings, £930 / MARC BY MARC JACOBS gold initial jewelry, £150 / Heart pendant necklace, £33 / Urban Decay lipstick, £15
Another Disney post!! These make me sooo excited for Disney World in August. I decided to do a casual Anna style, from the hit movie that everybody loves 'Frozen'. Did everyone hear that a Frozen short 'Frozen Fever' is to sow before the new live action Cinderella movie in March.

Rihanna Viva Glam Keepsakes Bag

I'm super upset that it's taken me sooo long to write up a post on the most amazing things that I bought during the Christmas period. I'd like to take this moment and introduce you all to my MAC Keepsakes Viva Glam Bag. *pause while Angels sing in a harmonious choir*

Insta Recap

This week was slightly boring, by most people,a standards. I spent a lot of time at home simply chilling and doing absolutely nothing. Zip. Nada!

Spring Floral

It seems every new year that I catch the decorating bug; I always need to change up my room somehow. I've really been into a vintage, floral type of theme for the past couple of years. It just feels whimsical and totally girly.