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No Eyeliner? No Problem!

Hi Y'all
I am soooo nearly finished with University that I can taste it: one historical sources essay, one psychology exam, a few psychology experiments, and I'M DONE!! So, many apologies for being MIA for nearly a week; it won't happen again!
But anyway, onto the main topic!
I've recently noticed a lack of coloured eyeliners in my meager collection. I have plenty of black liquids, black kohls, a black gel and a brown kohl, yet no COLOUR! That makes me feel very sad; it's like my choice of eyeliner depicts me as a dull person. There is a high likelihood of me getting a set of coloured kohls for Chrimbo, but obviously, I am denied access until next month.
This was difficult as I was realllly in the mood of turquoise eyeliner; to tie in with my turquoise top that I was wearing at the time. So, I've had to become a bit creative. I had to figure out how to make coloured eyeliner, without actually having it. I even Googled it. All the answers led to the simple equation …

Get the Disney Look: Cruella De Ville

Cruella De Ville, Cruella De Ville, If she doesn't scare you; no evil thing will!

Hey Guys!

The latest Disney look is Cruella De Ville from the '101 Dalmatians' series. there were TV shows, animated movies, live-action movies and sequels, which made this one of the Disney greatests.

November 2014: My 5 Wish Listers

With the Christmas season almost upon us I am constantly seeing products that I'm in love with. There are just so many that I want to try! Below are just some of the ones that are higher on my list:

Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso
This one was just resting on the line for me. I could buy it off of Ebay or Amazon now, or I could wait until I go back to America where it would probably work out cheaper.

Regardless, Milani Baked Blushes are supposed to be some of the best. They are supposed to be really pigmented and super-long lasting. I think the shade Luminoso would be the best to try first as it looks like a natural shimmery flush colour.

Revlon ColorBurst Lipglosses Set
A product that I've seen in a few makeup collection videos on youtube, that I just fancy trying. No other real reason. It is a set of four different shades.

Nyx Centre Stage Jumbo Pencil Set
This is more of a need product than a wish. I have very little in terms of eye-shadow bases and coloured eyeliners. I need to ex…

Recent Purchases

Just an update on some of the amazing things I have bought this week :)

DIY Brush Holder

I burnt down one of my jar candles completely yesterday and I felt really wasteful to be throwing out the remaining glass jar. I could have used it to store flour, or other baking materials, but I recently bought more makeup (oops!) 

One Month Blog-iversary!

(Please ignore the old photo; I was so young then...)

It's hard to believe that my blog is already a whole month old. It seems like yesterday I started up; I suppose to some that's been going years, it may seem like nothing. In the course of the last month I've learnt; It won't happen overnight. Period. It may take ages for the first followers and comments to come in, but don't let that get you down!

Silver Glitter Tips

University has really been killing me with work recently, but on the plus side I'm nearly finished.
More nail art for today; this time without the sharpies. I recently bough the November issue of Glamour Magazine. One of the freebie gifts that came with it was a bottle of Nails Inc polish. I had never tried the brand before; it just wasn't on my priority lost. I chose the grey shade called 'Marylebone Mews' as I have nothing even close to that shade. It has undertones of purple, so I kind of think of it as a 'heather grey'.

The nail art is very simple; all you need is a polish in any colour of your choice. and a coordinating glitter topcoat (I used Barry M Glitter Nail Paint in Silver). Give your nails a good two or three coats of your base nail colour. I don't bother personally with base coats; I never notice my polish lasting any longer than normal. Then paint on the glitter topcoat, stopping about halfway down. Make sure the glitter does not form an o…

Get the Disney Look: Jasmine

Jasmine Casual by louise-barbour featuring a vintage mirror

American Apparel zip hooded sweatshirt, £40/ Wallis short sleeve top £13/ Petite jeans, £78/ Easy Spirit shoes, £35/ Tignanello backpack £68/ Jigsaw gold bangle, £39/ House of Harlow 1960 sunglasses, £100/

New 'Get the Disney Look' post alert. It's based on Jasmine from 'Aladdin'. It's one of my favourites as teal is the best colour in the world.

MAC: Fraud or Not?

It's getting to the time of year when  people start gathering together all there gifts in the rush to the holiday season. They start trying to get the best gifts possible for the best price they can. Unfortunately that leaves them vulnerable for people to take advantage of them. The most common form of this is through the use of counterfeit goods. 
Recently a MAC lipstick was purchased for me, as a Christmas gift, from eBay. When I learned of it I was immediately sceptical and dubious of how genuine it was; I like to research into the item and view the pictures available myself. When I checked the listing, the lipstick was listed as 'MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick'. Upon looking at the details and the images available, I noticed that there were very few specifics and one general image of the lipstick with the lid off. I immediately wrote to the seller asking for pictures of the bottom label on the box and the lipstick tube (Well as details such as finish and shade). I knew th…

Glitter Lips: Frozen

Hi guys!
New glitter lips to share! I had a bot of a 'Frozen' movie marathon over the past three days while I finished some more University work. You could say that it was was made me reach for the light iridescent blue glitter.
I was inspired by Elsa's dazzling transformation scene during 'Let it go' where she forms herself a new dress with her icy powers. The scene is packed full of shimmer and glitter, which is perfect inspiration.

Instead of using a lipstick as my base I used The Body Shop's Born Lippy Balm Stick in Plum. I applied the fine loose glitter with a cotton bud, using small dabbing motions and pressing my lips together. The finished look ended up resulting in glitter lips that moved a bit compared to before. The balm made the glitter spread out from my lips a bit, so I'll probably go back to using lipstick again.

Louise x x

Get the Disney Look: Tiana

Brown purse £1035 / Effy Collection diamond ring £1640 / Alex Monroe stud earrings, £105/ Blue Nile 14k ring £105 /Hourglass Cosmetics lip gloss, £21/ Ellis Faas lips makeup, £23/ Perfume fragrance, £183

New 'Get the Disney Look' post alert. It's based on Tiana from 'The Princess and the Frog'. I've not got much to say about this look.

How I got super soft skin!

I was very lucky to be offered the chance to review the Magnitone Lucid**, a facial cleansing brush. Magnitone partnered up with Pixie Lott to create a new limited Edition Magnitone Lucid in a hot pink colour.
I had always wanted a facial cleansing brush, but the price of a Clarisonic put me off. My original plan being to wait until I went to America in August and buying one there (it works out cheaper due to the exchange rate). Once I seen the Magnitone Lucid my train of thought went: cheaper than Clarisonic + limited edition + pink = take my money! Yeah....I'm easily swayed.

Lucky, Lucky!

I love entering competitions, even though I rarely win anything. It's usually just me receiving free samples that I've ordered online. One of the things about me is that I am severely unlucky when it comes to competitions. 
Over all of last month I entered into the Emerald Street competitions, in conjunction with Marks and Spencers. There were many prizes to be won, to do with skincare and beauty. You just had to fill out a simple form with all the usual details, such as name and address. 
Imagine my surprise over the past couple of days when I received unknown packages through my door. 

Nail Quirks

Hey Not much to report, except that University is overloading me at the moment with essays and reports. I'll be happy when I finish this semester at the end of the month, and then around four weeks of blissful nothing. 
When I'm studying I find that I have to pay close attention to my nail routine. They have to be perfect. Otherwise, the slightest chip or imperfection could stop my focus and irritate me until I fix it. It's just one of the little quirks that I have.
Below are some of the photos I have of my nails from the other day.

Fun in November

It's finally November and you know what that means, Christmas preparations are under way.
I really enjoy it when the evenings become shorter and the tree are bare, it screams to me ‘winter is almost upon us’. With the onset of the colder months come some of my favourite things:

Get the Disney Look: Rapunzel

Floral print shirt, £23/ Jane Norman blue mini skirt, £9/ Keds beach footwear £19/ Loewe bag £975/ Fantasy Jewelry Box flower stud earrings £16/

New 'Get the Disney Look' post alert. It's based on Rapunzel,  from iconic Disney movie Tangled. I wanted this image to convey the bright and colourful world outside of the tower

LOVE: A Sharpie Nail Art Story

Hey Guys

I've been reduce to a single post a day due to a psychology essay that's majorly kicking my behind. it's due at $pm on Monday and I've not even started. While genes and behavior are my favorite topics, I dread actually having to do the research. Oh well, 10 words done; only 1490 to go....

But anyway, I've caught the procrastination bug and have came up with a simple, yet cute, nail art. This once again uses only a base nail polish and a black sharpie.