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DIY Brush Holder

I burnt down one of my jar candles completely yesterday and I felt really wasteful to be throwing out the remaining glass jar. I could have used it to store flour, or other baking materials, but I recently bought more makeup (oops!) 

It was then that I realised there would be no more room in my drawers unless I removed the tray of brushes. That solution left me with a problem: where do I put my brushes? I many not have many, but I don't want them rolling about my desk. I was going to put them in the mug I got for my 21st until I noticed how little was left in the candle jar.

Through watching makeup collection videos on youtube, I knew that reusing candle jars for makeup brushes was possible. I just didn't know exactly how to get rid of all the left over wax. Obviously heat melts the wax so, theoretically, if I could get all the wax in the pot melted then I could pour it out. My two choices were: put it in the oven, or in a water bath. I decided on the water bath as I seemed easier in my mind. 

I boiled my kettle and placed a deep pot on my kitchen counter. I placed the jar in the pot, and once the water boiled, I filled up the pot until the water rested just under the lip of the jar. I left it for five minutes; when I came back the wax was melted enough around the edges so that when I tipped it upside down, the wax just fell out. I washed the jar several times to make sure the wax was completely gone and the labels were peeled off. 

The only problem was that the plain jar was boring on my desk next to my clear, acrylic storage. I decided to tape a little 'postcard' on it. It was really just a piece of card with a design on it that came with my Cohorted order.

I think it looks really cute, and different. 

Louise x x

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