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Recent Purchases

Just an update on some of the amazing things I have bought this week :)

Benefit Rockature
I've always wanted to try Benefit's boxed blushes, ever since I seen them in my first makeup collection video. Before I always thought that the price (£23.50) for a small box, was a bit expensive; especially with a holiday to pay. But it's coming up for the holiday season and I have a bit more money to play with due to my part-time job this year.

I heard about the discount website Cohorted from a blog I read. It discounts big discount brands, eg Benefit, Urban Decay, Too Faced etc. The Rockature cost me £17.10 which was at a discount of, like, 27% off.

I love how it comes with a small, soft brush (although I will probably just use my own). The colour is that rosy-gold that everyone, and I mean everyone, has been loving this year. It has a nice shimmer which helps to give you a healthy glow.

Yankee Candles Snowflake Cookie

Like the Benefit Rockature, I had never tried Yankee Candles prior to this purchase. Recently a new Yankee Candle shop opened in my city which, I supposed, exposed me to to it more. I was never a big candle person until I went there.

I wanted to try a Christmassy candle so I picked out Snowflake Cookie, in a medium jar. It's light pink and smelled okay (when I initially bought it). It was a plus that it is the Scent of the Month, and as such, was discounted.

When I got home and lit it; was I surprised. Instantly, there was the strong smell of vanilla, and baking that was just so yummy. It was amazing! I look forward to next month's Scent so I can try another one.

Bourjois Effet 3D in #06 Rouge Democratic

The Bourjois Effet 3D in #06 Rouge Democratic was purely a repurchase. I loved it that much that I had to buy it again.

It turns your lips a deep, vivd red like a lipstick, but makes the glossy too. It also lasts a longgg time on me.

Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Wipes

These were also a repurchase. I have really weird skin; literally. It likes to flare up in rashes at the oddest times. Like one minute I'm fine, the next I have hives everywhere. It's never effected my respiroty system so the exact cause has never been looked into. All I know is that it is a histamine intolerance (look it up). It just means that I have to watch what I use for adverse affects.

As such, the only skincare brand I use religiously is Simple, I may buy hand-creams and makeup removers for other brands, but face wipes, facial mositurisers and toners all come form simple.

Louise x x

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