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No Eyeliner? No Problem!

Hi Y'all

I am soooo nearly finished with University that I can taste it: one historical sources essay, one psychology exam, a few psychology experiments, and I'M DONE!! So, many apologies for being MIA for nearly a week; it won't happen again!

But anyway, onto the main topic!

I've recently noticed a lack of coloured eyeliners in my meager collection. I have plenty of black liquids, black kohls, a black gel and a brown kohl, yet no COLOUR! That makes me feel very sad; it's like my choice of eyeliner depicts me as a dull person. There is a high likelihood of me getting a set of coloured kohls for Chrimbo, but obviously, I am denied access until next month.

This was difficult as I was realllly in the mood of turquoise eyeliner; to tie in with my turquoise top that I was wearing at the time. So, I've had to become a bit creative. I had to figure out how to make coloured eyeliner, without actually having it. I even Googled it. All the answers led to the simple equation of: water + eye-shadow = eyeliner. 

Now, I know what you are thinking; how did I not already know this. The answer is:

I did, honest!

I've tried this method in the past and nada. Zip. Nothing. But, you know, I thought 'Hey let's try this again, it's been a few years'. So, I got myself a small glass of water and my SmashBox 'Shades of Fame' Palette, as well as a small angled liner brush. I dipped the brush in the glass of water, after which I ran the brush along the edge of the glass to remover excess water, and dabbed into the shade 'Pacific'. I made sure that enough of the shade was on the brush and dragged it firmly just above my lash line. 

And was I surprised!

It worked perfectly and the pigmentation was amazing. I was shocked. That was not how I remembered it last time I tried. Maybe it's because the palette I used was of a better quality than before; who knows! All I know is I love it!

Louise x x

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