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Makeup Revolution Iconic 2 Palette Swatches and Review

Today all focus is on the Makeup Revolution Iconic 2 Palette. I picked this up quite a while ago, during the special Black Friday offer, and it has become a firm favourite. Posts that I had read prior to purchase described this as being the ultimate dupe for the second Lorac Pro Palette. I picked this up as I have always wanted to try the Lorac Pro Palette, but it has never been very high on my must have makeup list.

The Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 2 comes in a different format of packaging than any of their other palettes. The top, or front, of the palette is a sleek matte black, instead of the fingerprint-prone shiny plastic. I have to say that I like this packaging much more, it looks so much less dirty and battered than another Makeup Revolution I purchased at the same time. Other than that, the rest of the packaging is as standard. It is interesting to note that this palette does come with a dual ended brush; although mines has been temporarily displaced.

The sixteen colours in this palette are gorgeous! There is a mix of both matte and shimmer shadows; the top row is a full row of matte shadows, while the bottom row is a full row of shimmer shadows. There is a good range of neutrals and smokey shades which are a mix of warm and cool tones.

The first four shadows in each row are the warmer shades of the palette. The top row, from left to right, is: Paper, Chase, Smooth and New-tral, and the bottom row is: Only, Silk, Awaken and New Day.

Paper is warm, soft butter yellow matte shade, which doesn't really show up on my pale skin unless i pack it on. Chase is a warm auburn brown matte shade, and Smooth is a purply grey matte shade. The last shade in this group is New-tral, which is a warm peachy orange matte shadow.

Only is a very stark, snow white shimmer shadow, and Silk is very similar but a more peachy champagne shade. Awaken is a warm super metallic copper shadow, while New Day is a more bronze coloured shadow with a metallic finish.

The next four shadows in the top row, from left to right, are: One Way,  New Rules, Grey Day and Sudden, and the bottom row is: Steal-er, Echo, Ambition and Faith.

One Way is an aubergine purple matte shadow, while New Rules is a royal blue matte shadow. Grey Day is a smokey grey matte shadow, and Sudden is a dark charcoal matte shadow, too light to be straight up black.

Steal-er is a medium dark greige shadow with a shimmer effect, while Echo is a very vivid pure sliver metallic shadow. Ambition is a darker olive green shadow with a shimmer effect, and Faith is dark chocolate brown shimmer shadow. 

I am super impressed with the quality and formula of the shadows. They are quite creamy and not at all chalky. The lighter shades are harder to swatch on myself, only because I am so fair and pale. I like the two shimmers, Only and Silk, they are perfect just dabbed into the inner corner to brighten things up. 

I have to say that this has to be one of my favourite palettes that Makeup Revolution have brought out. I really love it, so much so that the Lorac Pro Palette 2 has fallen env further down my must have makeup list.

Has anyone tried both the second Lorac Pro Palette and the Makeup Revolution Iconic 2 Palette ? Is there a difference between the two?

Louise x x


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