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First Ever Bobbi Brown Haul!

Recently a Bobbi Brown counter opened up not too long ago in my local Debenhams beauty hall! I have always wanted to try Bobbi Brown products, but I always get distracted by new launches from brands that I've tried already. There are still quite a lot of makeup brands that I have very little experience with, and Bobbi Brown is one of them. 

So I decided to change all that and pick up some items that I had been keeping my eye on, or just really caught my eye. I picked up a Shimmer Brick Compact, an Art Stick Liquid Lip, a Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner, and the Skin Foundation Stick. I'm so excited to get using all of these!

Shimmer Brick Compact in Rose
Now, this is something I've wanted to own for a long time! Back when I first started blogging, the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks had a big presence on Youtube. I don't notice it so much now, but I have always aspired to own one. I picked up the shade Rose because pinky tones are my basic 'go-to' colours. I'm not 100% sure on the 'proper' use of the Shimmer Brick, but I like to use it as a sort of blush topper. Anyway there are no rules in makeup!

Art Stick Liquid Lip in Naked Pink
The Art Stick Liquid Lip was another acquisition on my quest for the perfect nude lip. I asked at the counter for a recommendation for the perfect nude lip for me, and this was the top pick. Based on my first impression, I find the application a bit fiddly. I find I have to apply great pressure to the squeezy liquid tube, in order to get any product. Even on occasion going as far as to use both hands. The tip of the squeezy tube is shaped like a marker but does not lend itself to precise application. I find that using a lip brush is the best way to get precise lines. However, I love the wear of it. It feels very creamy on the lips, but looks like a matte lipstick, and wears for quite a long time.

Long-Wear Gel Liner in Black Ink
I'm giving gel liner another chance, I'm not giving up yet! I massively fail at eyeliner nine out of ten times that I attempt it. The lovely girl at the Bobbi Brown counter gave me a lesson in how to best apply gel and pen eyeliner. I'm by no means a pro, but I'd like to think I've improved a little bit. I have noticed that after a few hours, the gel liner starts to 'melt' at the outer corner of my eye, but most liners do on me. Due to my hayfever, and having just generally watery eyes, most eyeliners will not stay in place at that area for me.

Skin Foundation Stick in 00 Alabaster
I have wanted a stick based foundation for the longest time, especially since I've noticed a surge in brands releasing stick foundations. I was originally going to pick one up out of Sephora when I'm in the States next month, but I could not resist any longer. I actually really wanted it for my Graduation Ball, so that it would be easy to throw into my clutch for touch ups. I picked up the shade Alabaster. The funny thing is that the girl on the counter initially recommended a few shades lighter, before picking out the lightest to show me how light they ran. She then swatched it on my face while saying it might be too ghostly for me, only to discover it blended right in.  I long ago accepted that I'm as pale as they get, and I love it! 

So that's my haul! And probably that last one I do before I go to the States next month. You know what that means? Future Sephora haul! Honestly, the past month and a bit have been a rollercoaster for me, so it's taking a bit to get settled back into a routine. This post is another step towards getting back to normality.

Let me know if you have tried any of these products! Is there any other stand out products from Bobbi Brown that I should consider looking at?

Louise x x 

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