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The King of Palettes - Urban Decay Vice 3

One of the shining jewels in my makeup collection is this amazing palette, the Urban Decay Vice 3. It is one of the most colourful and versatile palettes that I own, which warrants it it's own blog post!

The packaging for this is very large, but considering you get twenty good sized eye-shadows it's a fair trade off. It is not a palette that I would personally travel with due to it's large frame. The packaging is very pretty though; a silver metallic top and a lime metallic bottom. Vice is raised on the front in an almost jewel effect. The top tends to collect fingerprints constantly so it is perhaps best kept in the cute carry pouch that comes free; I spend a lot of time wiping it down.

All the shades were completely new and exclusive to the Vice 3 (I'm unaware if any have been released as singles since). There is a nice range of shades in this palette; ranging from your typical everyday greys and browns, to the fancier blues and greens. The columns seem to group the colours into those that correspond. There is something for everyone in this palette. I used this heavily in March for stage makeup, the purples and grey worked amazing to create sunken in features for reanimated corpses. 

Truth, Undone, Downfall and DTF
Truth seems to be the driest formula, and the least pigmented, out of the whole palette. It is a really light baby pink colour that has a matte finish.
Undone looks like a matte warm beige colour at first, but it has tiny little shimmers in it if you look closely.
Downfall is a light camel brown colour with a matte finish, and DTF is a warm greige colour that, similar to undone, has tiny little shimmers in it.

Dragon, Freeze, Heroine and Brokedown
Dragon is a is a vivid grassy green colour that has a metallic finish to it. It is super pigmented and bright.
Freeze is a bright warm blue clolur that also has a metallic finish to it. It has tiny litlle silver and blue shimmers in it.
Heroine is a deep cooled down navy colour that has a matte finish. It also has tiny little shimmers over the top.
Brokedown is a golden brown colour that sometimes appears to be an olive colour. It has a high metallic finish.

Vanity, Lucky, Reign and Bobby Dazzle
Vanity is a deep plum purple that has a metallic finish to it. It also has little silver and magenta shimmers in it.
Lucky is a bright ocher gold colour that has a metallic finish. This felt like the softest formulation out of the whole palette.
Reign is a dark bark brown colour that has a satin like sheen of a finish, and Bobby Dazzle is a stark white colour that has a metallic finish. It is pack with lots of small glitter particles in it.

Alien, Alchemy, Bondage and Sonic
Alien is a bright vibrant barbie pink colour with a golden sheen over it and Alchemy is a medium berry purple colour with a satin finish.
Bondage is a deep purple colour similar to that of Vanity and it has a metallic finish. It has a burgundy shimmer to it.
Sonic is a red copper colour with a metallic finish.

Last Sin, Angel, Defy and Revolver
Last Sin is the prettiest pink champagne colour with a metallic finish. It ias packed full of tiny little silver glitter particles.
Angel is a light grey colour similar to that of DTF, but it has a metallic finish and shimmer in it.
Defy is darker than Angel and has more of a dull brown-grey colour. It has a matte finish to it.
Revolver is the last shade in the palette, and it is a dark charcoal colour with hints of blue and shimmer in it.

The possible looks that could be created with this are endless, I chose to run Reign through my crease with Sonic patted onto the lid and under my bottom lashes.

Has anyone got any of the other Urban Decay Vice palettes? Very interested as to what they are like?

Louise x x


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